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How do you deal with pain?

I want to teach my kids that feeling the pain of disappointment, sadness and fear is important, that avoiding it will just cause a larger infection to brew inside. Yet my body fights my mind when I see pain creep into their faces, hear it in their voices, and feel it creep into my body. My heart starts racing and I forget to breathe. And I want to fix it, make them feel better, make myself feel better.


Recognizing and removing the planks from my eyes

In college, I took a psychology class called Sensation and Perception. Sensation is the physical detection of a stimulus (e.g. sound waves, light waves, heat, pressure), while perception is the organization and interpretation of these stimuli to allow us to “make sense” of the things around us. Many have seen images and games like the… Continue reading Recognizing and removing the planks from my eyes